Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yokohama Mama Finished toy

This is a custom toy I made for Hero Design's "This Bud's for you" show in October.

9" Bud Blank

Here's the vinyl toy out of the box. I took the arms off, replaced them with custom arms carved from high-density foam and abandoned the matchstick. The wick on top of the head is hidden under the felt and yarn wig and helps keep it in place. 

Yokohama Mama Sketch

Here's my initial sketch for a custom toy design. (9" bud vinyl toy) Our friends at Hero Design in Buffalo, NY are curating a toy show in October.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Renegade Craft Fair

Denise Ann Simon and I braved the relentless rain this past weekend and set up shop at the Renegade Craft Fair here in Chicago. Denise just sent me this picture of the old-timey signs we made. Thanks to everyone who came out!!

Summer Fun Poster

Art print for a benefit for Pritzker School in Wicker Park. Ice cream and riding bikes...what could be more fun?

Art of Democracy Print

This is a screenprinted print I made with the help of Delicious Design League for a political art show going on right now at Loyola University's Museum of Art. It's titled, "Under the Guise of Peace..."