Friday, December 28, 2012

Terrarium Wedding Invite

Here's another invite I did for a couple that again, was a pleasure to work with, Elise and Bill Fox. They were married in a charming blue barn in Michigan last year.

Milwaukee Wedding Invite

Here's an invite design I did this past year for a really great couple. It's always very gratifying to work with clients that trust your sensibilities and allow you to do your best work. Thanks, Pat and Becky!

Holiday Card Illustration

This was a recent illustration for a client's holiday card. They recently adopted a cute new grey pup.

BBQ Invite Illustration

Here's a quick one I did for a friend's BBQ picnic she threw this past summer for her brother's family that was visiting from overseas with their infant.

Baby Shower Invite Illustration

I did this illustration in a very loose inking style that's a little different for me, but I kind of like the result. It was for a family member's baby shower invitation.