Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hand-drawn type

I've been busy this year with a bunch of wedding invitation commisions. I did some hand drawn type for one couple's design. I like it...

Ice Skater

Oh, I forgot about this...I did an screenprinted art print for the Holiday Renegade Sale. Sort of the 2nd act to the summer fun poster. Available through my etsy shop...

Emily + Keith's Invite Art

Some invite art I made for an invitation to a Colorado wedding.

Sound of Silent Film Poster

Here's another poster for an upcoming ACM production. They screen modern silent films with live performance of the scores. Pretty cool. Sara Jean from Lady Lens Productions produced a trailer and animated the artwork I created. Watch it here.

Voyageur Poster Design

This is a poster design I made for a concert ACM put on a while back.  I like how the priestly scribe turned out...